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The cost of the course, or part of it, will be refunded to the Student only if the course is not delivered or partially delivered by the Teacher. Such reimbursement will be proportional to the undelivered lessons calculated on the purchase cost of the course.

There will be no reimbursement of the cost of the course if the Teacher regularly attends the course, but the Student is not present at the lesson. The recording of the lesson will be available in the Student's personal account.

The Platform reserves maximum of 2 working days to check for any refunds.

The student has 48 hours from the end of the course to file a contest.
The Student will not be able to file a dispute over the 48 hours.
The Platform reserves 2 working days to be able to check if the course has been properly delivered and then close the claim. After this period, the course amount, or part of it, will be transferred to the Teacher.

The claim may be arbitrarily closed by the Platform without the Users being able to open further disputes or claim any damages, according to the Platform’s rules.
Please note that the Platform does not evaluate the content of the course but only verifies that the course was delivered by the Teacher. The Platform will verify that the teacher is present throughout the course.

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