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About Us


Docet Live is a Platform designed to enable people from all over the world to participate and give live courses online wherever they are, at every hours and with teachers and students from all over the world.

The main purpose of this Platform is not to organize courses but to give to people who want to attend or give a LIVE course the IT tools to do it without the necessity to buy software or subscriptions. Just register on the Platform.

In fact, it is a Platform that hosts many "VIRTUAL CLASSES" formed by Teachers and Students, who can interact directly with each other.

The Platform allows to interact with the Teacher and ask questions at any time and thus allows for better learning and a direct interaction between Teacher/Student.

Docet Live also allows to choose between all Teachers and among all courses registered on the Platform.

The Platform allows also to manage transactions for paying courses that will take place within the Platform with electronic methods such as PayPal.


Docet Live is not just a videoconferencing application. Docet Live manages the whole course.

It thus allows:

  1. Course registration;
  2. Course research;
  3. Course payments;
  4. Course management through a flexible interface with LIVE Teacher and Students video, digital whiteboard and chat;
  5. Lessons Video recording and virtual whiteboard backup and available in the User account;
  6. To share educational material;
  7. To give a Teacher and course feedback;


The Platform works exclusively on a website.
Both Teachers and Students shall be registered on the Platform in the same manner.



Our dream is to contribute to the dissemination of education in any form and content, breaking down the geographical and temporal boundaries. Our mission is to give you a flexible and practical tool to do so.







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